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The polyurethane sieve, sieve dehydration is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal screen, building materials, water conservancy, construction industry, steel plate punching mesh, wire mesh, stainless steel plate and rubber plate products, has the advantages of light weight, high screening efficiency, pore plugging, anti friction, anti shock, anti tear (and long service life is 2-3 times of the stainless steel plate), the advantages of low noise, convenient installation, comprehensive benefits.

According to the polyurethane sieve plate structure is divided into four kinds:

1) mosaic

2) bolt connection

3) connecting strip

4) hook connection

The advantages of polyurethane screen

|1, long service life, large bearing capacity. The polyurethane elastic screen wire rope is used as the matrix material, plus polyurethane itself has very high elastic modulus, high strength and high wear resistance, shock absorption, so it has a high tensile strength, the bearing capacity is 2.5 times more than the rubber screen. The service life compared with the ordinary metal mesh is improved by 8-10 times, stainless steel screen surface 3 times, 3.9 times of natural rubber, is currently the world's best wear resistance screen surface material. The production of polyurethane screen material is organic polymer, elastomer has excellent abrasion resistance, flex resistance, bearing capacity. Polyurethane screen production of raw materials after the special treatment, to ensure the long-term effect in the alternating load never delamination.

|2, high screening efficiency. The screen surface of the self-cleaning performance, no holes, high screening efficiency. Because of water borne polyurethane sieve, large cone angle (140 degrees), so it can effectively prevent the adhesion of moist fine particles, therefore suitable for screening fine moist material. I plant the polyurethane screen using imported raw materials, the elastomer and its good relaxation performance in the dynamic case avoid blockage.

|3, a wide range of applications, professional applicability is stronger, suitable for any type of vibrating screen machine and the machine can be produced. Polyurethane screen professional applied in hydropower station, building materials and other metal ore beneficiation. 0.1mm - 170mm range of the screening of various materials, regardless of dry sieve, wet screen are not affected by the screening efficiency. In the range of 0.5m - 3mm, the advantages of the polyurethane screen surface are fully displayed. Water resistant, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, easy to maintain. Low density polyurethane (1.32kg/ m 3), light weight on the metal screen, can reduce the production of consumption, it can adapt to the requirements of the development of large screen machine.

High screening precision.Die casting process.simple installation , convenient to replace and repair, the product is suitable for any type of screening machine, light weight, on-site installation or replacement maintenance, greatly reducing the workload.

 Low operating noise,reduce the noise of the same 5 - 20 dB, and greatly reduce the dust.

ignificant economic benefits. Although the polyurethane rubber screen surface metal screen price is high, but if considering the factors screening efficiency and maintenance cost and service life, you will find the polyurethane sieve surface overall efficiency is much better than common metal screen. According to the survey, each use a ton of polyurethane rubber plate can save 45 tons of steel. Save maintenance costs more than 4 yuan. So it is an inevitable choice for the majority of enterprises in the future to replace the screen surface with polyurethane.
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